Don't Forget To Play

???   "Don't forget to play" may be the best advice I was ever given as a design student. Sure, your grid lines, rules of proximity, and kerning etiquette may serve a grand purpose, but the oldschool laws of intuition are just as significant. This is a place for intuitive play, a place intended to remind ourselves to inject a little feeling into design. Here, we don't seek after definitive solutions or try to be anything we are not. We merely feel, experiment, and play.

And you can help me by sending me a picture of your face.

Yes, you. Yes, your face.

I am predominantly a metalsmith who puts her graphic design skills to use as both a freelancer and just for fun in my spare time, and I am preparing to embark upon what I’m hoping will become my first personal design project of a grander scale since, well, college. Two years ago.

One of the first steps of this project is to illustrate a series of portraits on the computer in a style similar to a topographic map. So I need pictures of your face. They can be self portraits, or they can be taken by your grandma, your best friend, a stranger on the street, anyone.

This is what I want. You ready for this?:
A headshot of yourself that doesn’t crop off any part of your face or head.
And that’s pretty much my only specific request.

The images may be taken with any sort of photo taking device (DSLRs, point and shoots, Polaroids, webcams, cell phones) and I’ll accept full on front shots, 3/4 shots, and side profiles.

I’ve received a few pictures that have been more indicative of a specific personality trait or emotional expression than a standard portrait, and those sometimes yield more dynamic results once I get to illustrating than the straightforward photos. But straightforward is cool too! I’m trying to leave it as open-ended as I can, as I want everyone involved to have a little fun with it. They can be silly, serious, artistic, pretty much whatever you feel like doing. If you’re pissed off because your dog just tinkled on your favorite hockey jersey, I want to know about it. If you just had the best day of your life and you’re filled to the brim with sunshine, send that smile of yours my way.

Please send your .jpgs to with the subject line “Hey it’s my face” so I don’t see a nondescript email in the inbox and think you’re a spammer inviting me to get cash fast or enter to win a trip to Moscow in the wintertime or something. Thanks!
So in summation, take a picture of your whole head, and have fun doing it. Then email it to me in .jpg format! Thank you for your time! You’ve been lovely!
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